Is the @help account monitored regularly? is there a better way to elicit a response?

Somehow I feel like my question and requests for help are not heard here or when directed to the @help account. I understand that is a small community with an even smaller staff. I can appreciate that other things might be more important at the moment and that an answer takes some mental energy than ignoring a post that is not that important at the moment. Context switching is hard. So I was wondering what I can do to help with this and still get help myself.

On the one hand I would like to have solutions to my problems on the other I don’t want to overburden anyone, or behave entitled. Instead I wanted to use this opportunity to ask what is best approach to ask support questions. Is it here? Is it via the @help account? Is it via email? Maybe if I know the preferred way of getting in touch this helps both sides.

I don’t think Manton is keen on choosing a favourite place in particular. The closest answer we have to this is here: Where to file bugs

Otherwise the most honest answer is to say that this will get better when there is a dedicated member of the team for providing support, or at least one more person on the team who can fulfil some of that role.

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Sorry @matti, I’ve really fallen behind with answering questions. Email is probably best right now, but I saw your @-reply too… Hope to have an answer soon.

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