Is it possible to edit URLs of Uploads

The title says it all. Is there anyway to edit the URL of Uploads on the Uploads page of my account?

Nope, not currently. assigns a random filename for uploads and it’s not editable, although I’d like to support that in the future.

I should add: if you need to expose a more specific URL for some files, you can add redirects under the Pages screen.


+1 for the redirects feature.

what is this page, is it Photos?

No, the Uploads of my account. I have changed the domain name for my blog, and while uploads (ie photos) are appearing on my blog, I cannot access them in the Uploads section of my account as they have retained the old domain…I wondered if there was a way to edit this.

Just to follow up, I’m fixing this so that in the future when changing domain names, should also update any URLs for uploaded files.


for those of us who already switched domains (in my case in June 2021 after 1 year)

also @manton while we’re here:
design idea:
Have you considered bifurcating uploads into two categories:
‘Photos’ & ‘screenshots’.

You’ve done great work on Photos plugins: beefing out the plugin to All Photos.
But your language seems to assume that M.b is used like IG and all image uploads are peng & gallery worthy.
In reality it’s more like Twitter, and for me, over half are screenshots or scans (e.g. of newspapers).

Your Photos Category plugin is a good start, by allowing filter by Post category e.g. my Life Category has a higher probability of having actual Photos, but I’m wondering whether it’s worth thinking about letting users tag some image uploads as Photos at point of upload and categorising based on that.

While it’s not always 100% right, internally separates photos and screenshots by whether they are JPEGs or PNGs. It makes these available in Hugo parameters as “photos” (just JPEGs) or “images” (PNGs, GIFs). So, a theme or plug-in could do something different based on this. Anything more specific than that probably should be handled by categories and manually categorized.

Screenshots are kind of tricky beyond just checking PNGs. We could detect screenshots based on image dimensions to capture common screenshots like iPhones.

That’s a decent start, though I often export photos as png. Plus HEIC probably complicates things now.

A bigger distinction is probably between original & copied images. E.g. I’ll include 3rd party images sometimes in posts, e.g. the Trump in recent L. Warner (aka Cerulean) Writes - critTLDs: Trademark-proof Domain Names; or, How to Irk Trump's Lawyers for 20 bucks (#tech)

Would you recommend using the original 3rd party links for those? Or is that vulnerable to those links breaking?

That’s a neat idea for iPhone screenshots btw. But aren’t they identical to portrait mode photos 9:16?

Also while we’re here, I believe default uploads should be clipped to a max pixel width e.g. 400. When they are bigger than that they dominate any post often unnecessarily.

Can I set that across my entire blog, or have to keep adding width=400 each time?

You can probably add a little custom CSS under Design → Edit CSS like this:

img {
  max-width: 400px;
  height: auto;

doesn’t seem to be acting on my Simple theme tet blog e.g. Draft Previews (do not share) - image is still 600 px sq