Conversation.js HTTP 404 since move to new domain/Cloudflare

I moved my M.B. on Sunday to a new custom domain and so far everything works and was moved to the new domain. (Except the ActivityPub thing).
Since the new domain is hosted from Cloudflare and I have enabled rules and things there, the only thing that is not working is the Conversations.js javascript. I get an HTTP 404 error in the browser and don’t know why?

When I try to copy&paste the URL in a browser it loads and says “post not found”.

Post is here: My #SundaySwing ideas week of 1/24 based on #TheStrat // Stratinator Microblog

Searching for help here :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this will happen for all blog posts published before moving to the new custom domain.

conversation.js fetches the conversation going on over at the timeline for a specific blog post. In this case, the script is saying, "Hey, give me all replies for the blog post at".

That URL was never sent to the timeline, and that’s the problem. At the time of posting, the URL was Hence the 404 Not Found error.

Unfortunately, conversation.js isn’t equipped to handle the domain move. @manton could probably implement support for it, though. Or, if you are comfortable with theme development, you could mitigate the problem yourself there.


Yep, that’s it. When you change your domain name, tries to go back to old URLs in posts and fix them, but it looks like it’s missing some. I think I can update your site to fix this. And long-term, agree with @sod that conversation.js could be improved to find even more posts if the URL doesn’t match.

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not sure but this might also relate to pre-domain change uploads: Is it possible to edit URLs of Uploads - #8 by warner
Any chance you could fix both on mine too please @manton ? Change was made June '21. Thanks!


@manton I have two posts from before my custom domain move that I’d also greatly appreciate being fixed if possible :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

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