Improving discovery?

The help document on “finding people to follow” states:

It’s not possible to search by topic or content. doesn’t support hashtags. While these policies prevent bad actors from finding people to harass, it does make it a bit harder for you to find people who share your interests. Here are some tips for finding new people to follow.

Is anything being done to improve this situation? I’m sorry, but as an academic the current workarounds, such as predefined categories, don’t cut it for me.

There is no way to build a community here around people interested in the same topics as me: Taiwan, Anthropology, Indigenous Issues, Language Rights, etc. None of these issues is listed in the pre-defined categories, and there is no way to find people writing about these issues unless I already know them.

I understand the concern about harassment, but it seems to me that it would be better to build tools directly focused on preventing harassment rather than preventing people from finding each other on this platform in the first place.

The end result of these policies is that I primarily use as a way to auto-post to other social media sites where I do have such communities.

This is not an easy problem, I know, but I just want to know whether or not there is some kind of plan in place to improve this? Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. We have ideas to improve search, but I don’t think that will necessarily improve discovery by itself. is still small, so most importantly we need to grow and welcome those kind of communities you mentioned to the platform. I also think there is an opportunity to help people discover and follow users outside of, for example following blogs and Mastodon users.

How about allowing people to include keywords in their bios, and then make those searchable on an opt-in basis? So, for instance, I could include #anthropology in my bio and that would optionally add me to a discovery index for people looking for other people interested in anthropology (again, this would be optional and opt-in).


I think having bios indexed and searchable would be a nice feature for that reduces some of the potential risks here.



Let people add at the most 5 topics that interest them in their bio.

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This is probably not what you want, but does not block search engines from indexing. So you can just type a search phrase like anthropology in your favorite search engine to find conversations and profiles that mention anthropology.

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Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been asking Manton to give us the option to block the search engines for our profile.

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I want that too.

But also, I’d very much like’s Search to improve so I can better find posts and people. IIRC, currently only searches posts that made it to the main Discovery section, which is pretty arbitrary and very limiting.