Import WXR file into Wordpress

I’m playing around with my sites a bit. As a test I wanted to see what would happen if I export the content to “WordPress file” and then import that into a site. The result is an error message that says

There don’t appear to be any authors in your import file.
Make sure you are using a valid WordPress export file in XML or ZIP format.

Am I missing something, or is there a bug somewhere?

I created a new blog on just now and successfully imported my .wxr export. So at least there’s hope we might get this working for you as well. :blush:

Does the export look alright if you open it up in a text editor? For example, close to the top of my file, I see this:


Interesting, no such tags in my file … hmm, have I made some mistake?

:thinking: I tried downloading the files once again and this time there is no encoding tag, there is actually a wp:author node with content, a some other changes. I wonder what I managed to download the first time.

I’m jumping on this thread. I exported the pages from my hosted website ( to a WXR file. I’ve tried several times but I get the same error each time. Maybe we can figure this out.

I can sure take a brief look if you’re willing to share the WXR file.

Sure. Here’s a link: - Google Drive

Judging by the file name, that looks like a Markdown export. WordPress expects a WXR (WordPress Extended RSS) file, which should end in .xml.

I have no idea why is giving me a Markdown export file when I click on the Export in WordPress format (.wxr) link. That’s not something I can fix.

Let me try right clicking and the “download linked file as” method.

I got the XML file exported and started the import. Fingers crossed.

Complete and utter waste of time. All the posts were imported. None of the pages.

I don’t think the export contains pages; the documentation only mentions posts. Maybe @manton can confirm?

Ah. So the export is useless to me. The documentation needs to cover this fact.

We offer several ways to get your data out if you need to move, or if you just want an extra backup.

Only partly true.

Standalone pages aren’t included in our export. I’ll check how WordPress supports this and should be able to add it.

I’ve now added standalone pages to the WordPress WXR export file from