Import WXR file into Wordpress

I’m playing around with my sites a bit. As a test I wanted to see what would happen if I export the content to “WordPress file” and then import that into a site. The result is an error message that says

There don’t appear to be any authors in your import file.
Make sure you are using a valid WordPress export file in XML or ZIP format.

Am I missing something, or is there a bug somewhere?

I created a new blog on just now and successfully imported my .wxr export. So at least there’s hope we might get this working for you as well. :blush:

Does the export look alright if you open it up in a text editor? For example, close to the top of my file, I see this:


Interesting, no such tags in my file … hmm, have I made some mistake?

:thinking: I tried downloading the files once again and this time there is no encoding tag, there is actually a wp:author node with content, a some other changes. I wonder what I managed to download the first time.