ℹ️ Exporting from Micro.blog

We believe the best way to own your data is to use a custom domain name for your blog hosted on Micro.blog, so that if you ever want to migrate to another platform, your URLs will still work. We offer several ways to get your data out if you need to move, or if you just want an extra backup.

  • On the web, Posts → Export has these options:
    • WordPress format (WXR/RSS for importing into WordPress).
    • Blog Archive Format (which is a ZIP file with all your posts and file uploads).
    • Replies (JSON of your replies, because they are stored separately from regular blog posts).
  • Under the Design section, there’s a setting to enable GitHub archiving. This automatically copies posts as HTML, JSON, and uploaded photos to a GitHub repository about once a week.
  • Also under Design, make sure to enable the Wayback Machine. This sends a copy of each blog post to the Internet Archive when it is posted.
  • In Micro.blog for macOS, File → Export has options that will run locally on your Mac:
    • WordPress format (WXR/RSS).
    • Blog Archive Format.
    • Markdown (download all your posts as Markdown with front matter, including photos).
    • Day One (will use the Day One command-line tool to send posts to your default Day One journal).

And finally, the API allows downloading data from scripts and other apps, if some of the built-in options don’t provide enough flexibility.

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