Images from RSS feeds in the Timeline

I’ve noticed that when you import posts to your blog via RSS (Letterboxd, etc.), the accompanying images are displaying (via link to the original site) on the blog and even in the Newsletter. But they don’t show up in the Timeline. Is this by design?

How are the images linked? Embeds are stripped from the timeline, and my guess is there’s some kind of embed going on.

In the post, it’s just a ‘img src’ link. Considering the timeline displays multiple photos (no limit, I imagine), such RSS import posts and even long form posts get lost in the timeline without at least one image.

The timeline design in fact discourages long form blogging with a two-word post with ten photos gets a whole lot of real estate.

Yes, it’s by design. has a set of timeline display rules. Your Letterboxd posts have a title, a photo, and text and thus this rule is applied:

If there is a title, text, and photo, only the title is shown and linked back to your site.

If you want the image to display on the timeline, you have to either remove the text or the title.

Ah! Makes sense. So the movie names in the Letterboxd RSS is in the title hence the images are not shown? I assume the same would be true for photos in Glass RSS. Can be it possible to make an exception for RSS imports? Or at least truncate after 300 chars, like it does with title-less posts.

Yep, that’s correct!

Yes, it looks like RSS feeds from Glass include titles.

Not, currently, that I’m aware of. It’s probably a new feature.

Or you could solve it yourself by providing a feed sans titles. The easiest solution is probably running the feed through Zapier (or a similar service) to produce a new feed without titles. And then add the new feed to for inclusion on the timeline.