Has there been any thought to cross-posting to Pixelfed?

Pixelfed is an Instagram-like service based on ActivityPub like Mastodon. Has there been any thought to supporting cross-posting to Pixelfed?

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Because it’s ActivityPub, I’m quite confident you could setup Pixelfed account as a mastodon account for crossposting. I think the challenge is that Pixelfed is pictures specific, and there’s no way in Micro.blog to set a crossposting setting on a per-post basis. You can limit it to one category feed, but you’d have to exclude that post from your main feed, which virtually know one wants.

This has been discussed extensively (more control over what posts are crossposted) without much change.

I think you can only have a single cross poster activated for each “type” though, so that doesn’t quite do it if you have a Mastodon account as well.

Of course, I’m still not clear on whether I actually should have both… I do find it (the Fediverse) a little confusing in that regard. :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. Yeah, Micro.blog assumes you only have one Mastodon-type account per feed. Can’t really think of an easy work-around for that at the moment. Eventually, we will have better support for multiple feeds that contain the same posts, so in that case you could have a photos feed that only went to Pixelfed. There are still some issues to work out before we can support that, though.

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A simplified approach: if I had an RSS or atom feed for my pixifed photos could I feed that to micro.blog to share it there? Not bidirectional.

Definitely. You can add any RSS feed to your Micro.blog account under Account → Edit Feeds & Cross-posting. Then Micro.blog will automatically add those posts to your Micro.blog profile and the timeline.