Has there been any thought to cross-posting to Pixelfed?

Yeah just wanted to clarify. I was assuming only what micro.blog considers a short post would go up. Thanks.

On that note. I set up pixelfed crossing posting this morning. A couple of hours later a scheduled photo post went live, but didn’t get cross posted. Is that expected for previously scheduled posts?

Yes, new scheduled posts will cross-post only if they were scheduled after this feature rolled out. In other words, when you save a new post, it records the default cross-posting services to use. Because your post was scheduled earlier, it won’t be set to use Pixelfed yet.

If that’s not what you’re seeing, let me know. Thanks!

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Crossposting to Pixelfed works great! Thanks a lot!

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Nice work, just discovered you made this change the other day and wanted to say thanks.

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Is there a way to :

  1. create a Pictures category
  2. use the feed of this category inside the crossposting feature
  3. use only posts to this particular category to cross posts pictures to pixelfed ?

in Short, does micro.blog allows that the RSS feed added is from itself but from a particular category ?

Each category has its own feed (click on the category to view the RSS feed URL) so you can add that to Account → “Edit Sources & Cross-posting” to enable cross-posting for just the posts in the category. However, this comes with a major gotcha: when you have category feeds configured this way, you can’t have the main yourblog.com/feed.json URL added. In other words, every feed on the Edit Sources page has to be a category feed.

For this reason, I don’t recommend this solution. It creates more problems than it solves. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m planning to improve this in the future so that it’s more flexible with multiple overlapping feeds.

The good news is that the Pixelfed cross-posting automatically ignores posts that don’t include images. So the built-in default behavior might be enough for what you want.

Currently, I have photos posted on Glass to be imported as a post to Micro.blog. If I enable Pixelfed, will they also be crossposted there? How will the photo from Glass be posted on Pixelfed? As a link or as a photo?

Also, it would be great to know if you have an ETA on excluding posts with only PNGs from cross-posting to Pixelfed.

Yes, if you enable cross-posting it will copy the photo to Pixelfed, not just add a link. No ETA on excluding PNGs yet. Not really sure where to put that setting and whether it should apply to all photo services like Flickr too.

Thanks. The PNG exception is mostly to prevent screenshots from showing up on Flickr or Pixelfed.

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Pixelfed cross-posting mostly works, but micro.blog should pass the plain text and strips markdown links.

Here is an example on micro.blog and the cross posted post on pixelfed

HTML is supported by ActivityPub but not Mastodon (and probably not Pixelfed is my guess). If you read my ActivityPub compatible feed from Micro.blog, you’ll see styled inline links because HTML is supported. But cross posting doesn’t work that way and you cannot create a post like that directly in Mastodon.

Micro.blog removes HTML links and just includes the plain URLs instead. I guess Pixelfed doesn’t auto-link URLs? I think that’s a feature request for Pixelfed. They could either auto-link URLs or support Markdown or HTML. If the latter, I could adapt Micro.blog to support it, but as @jsonbecker says the Mastodon API doesn’t traditionally support that.

Yeah, that was what I thought as well. I am not sure what the “correct” way is for micro.blog in such a case. As ActivityPub supports HTML, it is kind of up to Pixelfed to handle such a post when it doesn’t.

It turns out, the pixelfed web page does not auto link url, some clients do.

Thanks for the clarification!