Find all mentions of my site

I don’t really want to use the conversation plug ins or features to show replies or webmentions on my site, but I realized that doesn’t mean I don’t personally want to know when someone has linked to me or mentioned my site. I wonder if there’s a way to hit an endpoint and get recent webmentions.

Perhaps a nice sidebar feature on would be a collection of webmentions. I’m sure that 99% of this is the same as the @ Mentions tab, but I’m also pretty sure there are at least some webmentions being sent that I won’t see.

That’s a good idea. I think there should be an API to get all webmentions knows about, even those that might not be displayed on your blog.

You can also get JSON of replies to a specific post, like this:

Format can be “jsonfeed” or “jf2”.

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Cool! That’s useful to know! Yeah, I was thinking about my desire to see webmentions. It reminded me of how some folks wanted the ability to delete replies/webmentions as a moderation tactic on their site, which made me think “if we had a side nav to show/manage webmentions that would be awesome”. (Of course, deleting a web mention probably doesn’t help, I’d bet you’d have to block a domain or a specific domain to a post because most systems will go ahead and keep sending that mention).

I don’t need moderation, but I would like a peek at who is out there potentially responding to my posts on their blogs.

Agreed, I think being able to see incoming webmentions would also really help troubleshoot when replies aren’t showing up where you expect. basically has a log of all webmentions it receives and sends. I’ll add some kind of web page for them.

Related: Is there any way to check if the u-in-reply-to class is sending webmentions correctly? I’ve not been convinced that they are, and @sod has mentioned that he had to use a different service to get some going recently.