Exporting Bookmarks (non-premium)

I’m looking to export my Bookmarks in my currently non-premium account. I’ve reviewed what it says on the Bookmarks page in Help Contents under Getting Started and it doesn’t appear to list “Export” as a premium feature, though I understand that exporting Highlights is because Highlights is a premium feature. However, when I go to my Bookmarks and choose “Export” from the three-dots dropdown I just get the following:

So, is my understanding of what is available to export under a non-premium (this used to say “free” instead of non-premium, I’m not on a free account, I meant to say non-premium, fixed) account incorrect or is something missing there?

Thanks, I think this was a mistake because highlights is a Premium feature and then we added more bookmark export formats on top of that page. Exporting bookmarks should definitely be supported for all accounts. I’ll fix this and roll out the change tomorrow.

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Great, thank you. Sometimes it is good to know I’m just not missing something obvious!

This fix is live now. Currently for bookmarks we export as HTML in the old format that browsers have supported for… well, decades now. :slightly_smiling_face: We can add more export formats if it’s useful.

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