Error parsing RSS

I’m trying to add a feed to my account but the logs show the message “Feed: Error parsing RSS, feed 183175”.

It appears that all of the posts are actually being read from the feed, but for many of them only the title is posted, not the content — however the content of some of them does post.

The feed is actually Atom, not RSS, but I’m not sure if that’s the actual cause of the error or an imprecise error message. I’ve ensured that the feed validates, though it didn’t initially, but this seems to have made no difference to the result…

Does the feed contain many entries (in the hundreds)? If so, that might be what’s causing trouble.

I’m also seeing that same error on my feed. It happens every time I make a new post to that blog. The post eventually shows up on the timeline, but I think the error may be adding an additional delay.

Yes, the feed contained several hundred posts, but limiting it to 20 posts doesn’t appear to have resolved the problem.

Darn. Well, at least we’ve ruled that out, then. Reaching out to is probably the quickest way to resolve this unless @manton stumbles upon this thread.

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