Emoji in Discover

Micro.blog doesn’t currently have hashtags. We are using emoji as a way to automatically collect posts together. Manton has blogged more about this.

Micro.blog user @burk also maintains a separate list with new emoji suggestions from the community.

The following topics work a little differently. They are either curated manually (photos), automatically collected from keywords (Micro Monday recommendations, Inktober, NaNoWriMo), or set from embedded audio tags in a post (podcasts):

Topic Emoji URL
Photos :camera: micro.blog/discover/photos
Podcasts :studio_microphone: micro.blog/discover/podcasts
Micro Monday “Micro Monday” micro.blog/discover/micromonday
Inktober “Inktober” micro.blog/discover/inktober
NaNoWriMo “NaNoWriMo” micro.blog/discover/nanowrimo

So ⑴ your emojis definitely did not survive the transition … and 🄑 as a guy dead set against embracing the emoji aesthetic, I have been curious whether embedding hidden emojis would trigger collection. One assumes this would work so long as I keep away from my timeline so as not to see them.

I would love to see a collection for “technology” and/or “programming” etc.
I try to use the :computer: emoji when I can.


Ah, I see that @Burk has this very item listed in the community suggested emoji’s. Awesome.

Most of the filtering (like automatic category filtering) is done on raw content prior to processing markdown to HTML via Hugo. You can even have category filters on HTML or shortcodes. Given that, I would imagine that adding <span style=“display:none;”>your_emoji_here</span> would work to be caught by emoji filters but not display the emoji in your content.

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