Duplicate discover feed entries

Hi, sometimes my posts show up twice in the discover feed.Any way to address these redundancies?


I expect this is some oddity from somebody following “site: blog.grotenhuis.info” which creates another entry in some way? Should these duplicates be detected for hosted blogs?

(Also, if true, why would one do that rather than following @toddgrotenhuis ? Is this a way to skip my replies, or would it be fully duplicate? It seems like if someone goes to follow a site that is already a hosted site they should be redirected to that user…unless there is some other feature difference.)

There’s nothing we mere mortals can do, unfortunately. @manton has to implement support for merging these sources into one entry on the timeline. He goes into some details in this thread.

As to why anyone would follow your website’s feed instead of your Micro.blog account, it could definitely be that they want to avoid seeing your replies. But equally probably, I would say, is that it’s just a mistake. Searching for your name on Micro.blog will show both options, and it’s easy to click the “wrong” one.

When we see those kind of duplicates in Discover, we try to clean them out. I just did that for a few of the :soccer: ones. This has definitely become more of a problem and I want Micro.blog to better merge the duplicates.