Tagmoji leads to triplicate Timeline entries

It seems every time I use tagmoji three entries appear on the Timeline. I have no idea how to fix this.

We manually clean these up when we notice the duplicates in Discover. Long term, Micro.blog needs to be smarter about realizing that those posts are the same thing and collapsing them into a single account and set of posts.

:smirk: I suppose Mastodon has to do the same de-duplication of posts, because I see duplicate posts and comments there as well from micro∙blog users.

Also, there’s a user called @micro.renevanbelzen.nl that points to https://micro.renevanbelzen.nl that no longer exists (I deactivated that subdomain recently). I can’t delete that user, but it takes ownership of my posts in that section.

Thanks. Yeah, this happens if someone tries to “follow” a domain name. It’s basically the same problem… We need a way to take ownership of it (by verifying the domain name) or automatically combine them.