Customizing Pages/Understanding how Pages work on

I’m trying to better understand how to customize the content for my Pages on I want to customize a reading page using the data available in the new bookshelves feature.

I’ve tried putting a template in:

layouts/posts/reading.html.html or layouts/posts/reading/single.html but I don’t think the content is picked up in either one. I’ve also tried using a trick I’ve used before, with {{ if (eq .Title "Reading") }} in my layouts/posts/single.html but that also doesn’t seem to get picked up/triggered on the page generated by creating a new page at (even though it appears to me that Reading is the page title).

Is there any front matter I can use to determine if I’m on this page? What template does it draw from and is there a way to target that template?

In stock Hugo, I suspect I’d either make this a type (not post) or have this as not under posts and use a layout like layouts/reading.html that I think would pick that up (and that md file would probably be just front matter).

Pages on have always thrown me off a bit because they seem like posts with custom permalink URLs, but they have been a bit hard to target with anything other than standard post markdown content to be processed by layouts/posts/single.html.

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I would like an answer to this, too.

EDIT: Just to add a little bit of extra info: The info provided here about a custom 404 page seems to suggest that if you have a page with the slug /test then a template /layouts/test.html should be applied. Sadly this is not the case for me.

Yeah, this is confusing and I think needs some tweaks to make standalone pages work better, like extra post types. I think for now what you want to do is create a file in the theme in the “content” folder, like content/ and then specify the layout in the front matter?

I’ll do some more testing on this. Thanks!