Moving post listing

I’ve been trying to use as more a landing page with my posts on a secondary page. I will say I don’t fully grasp things, so bear with me. What I’ve cobbled together:

  1. created ‘Posts’ page
  2. created ‘content/posts/’ in themes
    It simply has

title: Posts
type: post

  1. created ‘layouts/section/posts.html’ in themes
    this is a straight copy of the original layouts/index.html of the theme (tinytheme if it matters)

This almost works. Everything shows, but also a blank “Posts” entry at the very end (if I add date: to the YAML, that blank post adjusts to that date). I’m guessing it’s picking the as a post as well?

I did come across this but it seemed a bit different at targeting categories. Couldn’t quite figure it out.

Open to suggestions or guides I’ve missed.

The problem is calling this “posts” means that your content, under posts, has a type of posts which… is the same type as your posts.

If you were to use, for example, “blog” as your type for this layout and have it live at /blog it would not be the same type, You could still title the page “posts” but it wouldn’t put a new element in your where .Site.Pages “type” “post” collection.

Alternatively, you could probably do where (where .Site.Pages “type” “post”) “title” “ne” “Posts”

ah, thanks. I misunderstood the function. It works now. I though the was defining what content gets pulled.