Community impact features (list of requests)

This is a list of features that have been identified as having beneficial community impact. The list is a work in progress and will be updated with feedback. A forum topic has been established where this list can be discussed and additions can be suggested. On a monthly basis, the community manager will report on the progress towards implementing these features. company-level

• a statement of values/code of conduct to supplement our community guidelines
• an About page that’s easy to find :white_check_mark:
• a community features list, publicly posted and regularly updated (this document; in progress)
• monthly community manager scheduled Zoom chat :white_check_mark: (ongoing: find more ways to make community manager meetings available to a variety of time zones and schedules)

Tools to make it easier to find people to engage with

• Sort following list in order of recent activity
• Support some kind of direct message method so that community members can connect privately
• Online Micro meetups: guidelines for starting and running; public schedule
• Implement a system for displaying interests

Discover improvements

• For posts with multiple photos, include one photo when the post is added to Discover (Currently, these posts are not added to Discover because of the space they take up on the timeline)
• For long posts that show just the title, include one photo from the post in the Discover entry
• Add Show More button so that more entries can be viewed on Discover to allow featuring more interests and people typically underrepresented :white_check_mark:
• Encourage ALT descriptions for accessibility :white_check_mark: (ongoing: reminders)

Profile and visibility: more control over what appears and where, features to encourage inclusion

• Add field for name pronunciation
• Simpler selective cross-posting
• Implement blocking :white_check_mark:
• Add pronoun field :white_check_mark:

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