Community impact features (discussion)

We have added a list of community impact features requests to the Help. This topic is for discussion of the features listed and suggestions of features to be added.

Thank you Jean & Team for doing this!

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I am particularly interested in Implement a system for displaying interests. I dislike how profiles are junked up with hash tags in other platforms. My preference would be that we can create the equivalent of tags on our profiles without gumming up bios. I would also like bios to be searchable, as I still think they provide valuable content about a user and are inherently a way that we are describing ourselves to someone “stumbling” upon our account in the first place.

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This is one of the items on the list that needs to be fleshed out into actual features. It’s definitely a project and a goal, not a specific feature. But I wanted to capture it so we can talk about how to do this. It’s been suggested we add interest fields to profiles. Any changes we make with search would be reviewed for the potential to enable spammers and trolls to find and harass people in the community.

Thanks, @jean for creating this space. Looking forward to an engaging discussion.

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In the community guidelines, this statement may need to be elaborated on:

  • Harassment: Repeatedly targeting other people with unwanted @-reply messages.

…especially around the definition of repeatedly and unwanted. Who is judging this?

The recipient of the messages would be the judge. Did you have a scenario in mind that needs more specific guidelines?

I should mention that on the this list of community features, we have the intention to update the community guidelines with some form of a code of conduct. I’m planning to start another thread about the community guidelines specifically.

No specific example. This is the only vaguely defined guideline, I thought. So the author would have to report this harassment and it would be adjudicated by you and Manton?

I wouldn’t necessarily say a targeted user would “have to” report it. We might see an issue and take action even if it wasn’t officially reported. But yes, at the end of the day someone on the curation team (currently just me and Jean, hopefully more folks later) would need to intervene to hide replies or block future replies from a problematic account.


Thanks. I’m glad proactive action is an option.