Colorspaces still get stripped pretty brutally



I think fixing this really should get bumped up the priority list. It’s been a challenge for a long time due to aggressive meta data stripping and I think harms the photoblogging experience significantly.

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Yup, that’s why I moved my photoblog away from although it was mighty convenient to post to it.

I’d like to revisit this. There is a work-around right now: if you make sure that all the EXIF metadata is already stripped when uploading, it will preserve the colorspace.

Yes! Generally, the photo uploading experience is subpar. The best workflow I found is quite convoluted. First, you need to buy Mimo for iOS, then:

  1. Put all your photos in Apple Photos
  2. Wait until your iPhone downloads them
  3. Upload photos with Mimo
  4. Copy-paste the links into a post you’re writing on desktop

I’d quite like to be able to upload multiple photos using the native apps and the website, and also copy the Markdown links instead of HTML.