Images showing upside-down on Timeline

Here’s a fun one. I just posted a photo, and it’s showing in the correct orientation in my Uploads, and on my site. However, in the Timeline section of (both via web, and in the iOS app) it’s displaying upside-down.

This could have something to do with the fact that I converted it from JPG to PNG (as to preclude it from showing up on my /photos page). Maybe something weird happened during that process? Strange that it shows correctly outside of the Timeline though, right? strips EXIF data, which can include an orientation baked in because images are weird. You’ll want to use mogrify from ImageMagick to fix this (or if you’re using convert already in ImageMagick, you can add --auto-orient to fix.

This is a similar complaint to mine about color spaces: Colorspaces still get stripped pretty brutally - #5 by yurymol

I think is way overly aggressive on EXIF data being identifiable, and instead specifically remove only categories like the lat and longitude and not those like orientation, color space, etc that influence the display of the image.

Thanks for this Jason. ImageMagick is new to me, so I’ll check it out.