No, very few would be Kindle versions, and I don’t use Audible. Most of them are physical books.

Would you mind posting your file? I have run into issues as well, and virtually all of them were due to Goodreads having incomplete ISBN and similar data. It’s actually one of my core reasons I’ve moved to as many platforms as possible with this data-- Goodreads is completely unreliable as a portable source of book data, throwing in ASIN numbers instead of ISBN numbers, having weird editions issues etc.

I just downloaded my Goodreads file again and looks like about 40% of the books are missing ISBNs. Mostly Kindle books, but a few print books too. I’m going to try to work around this since there’s very little chance Goodreads will change it.

I’ve improved the Goodreads import to attempt to find other editions of a book if there is no ISBN provided in the CSV file you upload to It does this by crawling Goodreads metadata because Goodreads no longer offers an API. I’m afraid this solution is a little fragile, but it’s likely to keep working on the short term. In my initial testing, it works really well.


I’m new around here and love the bookshelves feature. Wondering if there were any plans to offer a similar function for other forms of media? I would love to track movies, TV shows, video games in the same way as this.


I think tracking movies, TV shows, and games is a natural next step, but we want to do everything we can for books first. Because each form of media has its data, I want to think about each one individually rather than as a big feature that does everything.


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I want to add an audible book to my bookshelf. Does this feature already exist?

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I think audiobooks show up if you search for a book coz they do have a separate ISBN. The book cover shows up as a square image; at least on Libby, it does.

Yep, I often add audio books to my bookshelves. I can be confusing to try to figure out which books are audio or other various print editions, so I usually don’t worry about it. Perhaps in the future we can have a better “type” of book to make this more correct for people who want it.

For a consistent look for book covers, I add them as regular books.

Because I’m picky and don’t find the search to provide enough information about editions etc on the search, my process is search on, find the ISBN, and search the ISBN on to add that version.

Is it possible to manually add a book if it doesn’t show up in the Epilogue search result?

I’m trying to add 9789180021753 but am not able to find it. (or any way to add it)

Yes, you can manually add a book here.

If it’s a book that isn’t in our default search (using Google Books), you can also add books to the Open Library and those can be added by searching for the ISBN:

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Lovely. Thank you!

I added the book to Open Library and it was no problem adding it to my bookshelf. :+1:

Can you add this link to the Bookshelves page as well? I wrote and deleted a post here when I couldn’t find a book on Epilogue

I think the best solution will be to make this available from within Epilogue. If you search for a book on the web, this link does show up on the results page: “Can’t find a book?”

Yaaassss! Video games database cataloging would be my top pick, but yes for all media like movies. IMDB, IGDB…

Is it possible to add a comment to a book in Bookshelves? This would be particularly useful on the “Want to Read” shelf. For example, I could add a note that says, “Ken recommended it–said it’s exciting space opera.” Or “Good interview with the author on the Ezra Klein Show.” Or whatever.

If that’s not possible, please consider this a feature request.


The current data structure has only title, author, isbn, and cover_url.

@manton yesterday I added a book for the first time that was not found. It allowed me to upload my own cover art. Since missing cover art is a frequent problem on my blog (I like to use the ISBN that is found on so I can link there, and that ISBN doesn’t always have the best data in your data set), I’d love to be able to custom set cover_urls of books by uploading my own cover image any time I want as an override. It might even be helpful if someone does that to add it as an alternative cover for your own search at that ISBN…

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Both good ideas. I have some ideas for having “notes” that can attach to various things including books, but it may be a bit longer until I can get to it.

For the book cover… Yes, you should be able to set the cover any time. I’ll work on that. Being able to manually pick from any available cover is a good idea. ( also has some logic where it tries to “fix” covers if they are set to like a blank placeholder image.)

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