Books, books, books!

We love books, so we’ve built a bunch of book-related features into different parts of This page tries to reference them together in one spot.

Books emoji. :books: When you use the books emoji in a post, automatically collects the post into a Discover topic called “books”. That way you can browse what other people are reading.

Bookshelves. has a feature linked in the sidebar on the web called Bookshelves. It’s similar to Goodreads where you have bookshelves like “Finished reading” and “Want to read”. You can search for books and add them to your bookshelves, which are like private lists. Then you can start a microblog post with 1 click from a book in the bookshelf.

Epilogue. Our dedicated companion app for bookshelves, available for iOS and Android. It has most of the same features as Bookshelves on the web. It also has a Goals tab to set a personal reading goal for the year. will keep track of progress toward your goal as you blog about finishing a book.

Book URLs. uses special URLs in the format with the ISBN to link to a book. When you use this format, knows you’re linking to a book.

Book metadata. Posts that link to a book get their ISBNs added to the Hugo frontmatter in a field called books. You can access this list from Hugo themes and plug-ins.

Books JSON API. There’s an API that exposes the bookshelves and reading goals data. Epilogue uses this API. Many of the responses are in JSON Feed format.

Book data files. maintains special Hugo data files that contain your bookshelf and reading goals data. This is documented at the end of the Bookshelves help page.

Book covers grid. Epilogue has a Discover screen with a grid of covers for books people are posting about. There is also a version of this grid on the web.

Posts from Micropub.’s version of the Micropub API understands read-of properties. If the property has name and uid, will format the blog post with a Markdown link to the book.

Export. You can export your bookshelves as a CSV file. You can also export your blog theme and it will include all the Hugo data files.