In addition to hosting podcasts and video, Premium will archive the contents of bookmarked web pages, with a special reader interface for highlighting text. You can quickly create a new blog post from highlights in

To bookmark a web page from a web browser, drag this bookmarklet link to your browser’s favorites bar. Click the bookmarklet when visiting a web page to add the URL in

To bookmark a web page from iOS, install the iOS app and select the “Save as bookmark” setting inside the iOS app. You can then share URLs from mobile Safari and other apps to

Thought you might be interested in the disparity between the web interface and the iOS app. After finding that setting within the app to bookmark from the share sheet, that went smoothly; however, it turned out that posting a highlight via the app loses the actual link to the “highlighted” page. I created identical posts via the web interface and thought I would share the screen shots to illustrate.

Posted via iOS application:

Posted via mobile Safari:

Off topic: figured I may as well share that I stopped using the iOS app very early on when editing posts dropped category assignments and file uploads were overwriting (or otherwise randomly causing assets to disappear from previous posts).

I cannot find a page either here or more generally at that has a working link to the bookmarklet for archiving and highlighting web pages. Could someone post the link to the right page to download it?

It looks like the link to the bookmarklet was lost when we moved the help to this new site. Discourse doesn’t let me link the text, so I’ll include the JavaScript here that you will have to paste in to an edited bookmark:

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There is a lot of disparity between the two. I was hoping this would be fixed by now considering it’s a selling point of a premium account.

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Regarding this reference to, “a special reader interface for highlighting text,” where is that interface?

Whichever client you are using, look for your bookmarks … and then look for anything along the lines of reading one of the bookmarks.

Sorry to resurrect an old help topic, but I’ll ask one more time where the interface for the “special reader interface for highlighting text” is. I have a few bookmarks and nothing indicating that I can read them and highlight them. Not on iOS, Mac app, or the web interface.

The feature Bookmark archiving and highlights is listed under Premium ($10/month). Maybe you are on another plan?

No, I’m on the $10 plan. I upgraded yesterday. Does it take more than 24 hours for it to go live for me?

I’m not on the premium plan, so I can’t confirm this, but maybe Manton’s video demonstration of the highlight functionality can give some guidance?