Bluesky cross-posting supports cross-posting to Bluesky. Similar to our support for services like Mastodon, Medium, and Tumblr, when processes a new blog post in the timeline it can optionally send a copy to Bluesky.

Bluesky is a new platform and currently in beta. We’ve added support now because there has been interest from customers. More of the thinking about this is covered in Manton’s announcement blog post.

Every platform is different, so our support for Bluesky also doesn’t exactly match other services. Keep in mind the following limitations:

  • will truncate longer blog posts to 300 characters and add a link back to your blog post.
  • scales photos down because of early limits in the Bluesky API. The resolution on Bluesky will be lower than what is on your blog, and we’ll continue to tweak this going forward.

The long-term vision for Bluesky includes federation so that replies can be sent back and forth between different platforms. There is no support for this yet. (Our support for Mastodon and Activity does work this way.)