Bluesky Cross-Posts Include Links Yet?

Per this documentation, Bluesky cross-posts don’t bring over any links. But looks like @Manton has it working for his profile. Is that close to shipping? Without links, my posts are much less useful.

That looks like a bug. There were multiple updates made to fix this issue a couple of months ago so links should just work.

That documentation was out of date. I’ve updated it to remove the disclaimer about links. Links should be fully working now when sent to Bluesky… My profile isn’t using anything that isn’t available to everyone.

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Good to know, thanks! Must be a bug then. Any idea why my links aren’t making the journey over to the Bluesky posts?

I very much like the way links on BlueSky do not include link previews. Instead, they’re just rich text links, like on a web page. I do not like link previews.

Me too! I just want my rich links to show up! :sweat_smile:

Amending my previous post: Sometimes I do like link previews, and I like that Bluesky gives me the option.

(This is not a feature request for MB, btw.)

How strange. The only difference I can see is that your account is using your XML feed instead of JSON Feed. In theory that shouldn’t matter, but maybe something is off with the encoding… Do you mind if I change your feed to use JSON instead and we’ll see if that resolves it?

Sure! Go right ahead. Thanks for looking into it.

Looks like it worked for some posts, but not all? Weird! It looks like the automated posts to MB from IFTTT aren’t getting the love.

I’d bet money that IFTTT is stripping HTML or explicitly casting to text etc at some point in the process.

Yeah, I’m not sure why IFTTT would be different unless the post is not making it to with Markdown or HTML intact. As long as there are valid links, should send them to Bluesky.

Yes, I can confirm that IFTTT does strip out HTML, especially links. @jarrod

Hmm, so weird. Seems like if they make it to as valid links, which they do, they should then get passed onto Bluesky okay. Not sure what to do with this info. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: