ℹ️ Bluesky cross-posting and mentions

Micro.blog can connect to Bluesky in a few different ways:

  • Automatic or manual cross-posting from your blog to a Bluesky account.
  • Following Bluesky users.
  • Seeing Bluesky replies to your blog posts within Micro.blog.

Why Bluesky? More of the thinking about our initial support for Bluesky is covered in Manton’s announcement blog post.


Similar to our support for services like Mastodon, Medium, and Tumblr, when Micro.blog processes a new blog post in the timeline it can optionally send a copy to Bluesky.

To enable cross-posting, click on Account → Edit Sources & Cross-posting, then click Add Bluesky. You’ll be prompted to sign into your Bluesky account.

Whenever you post to your blog, Micro.blog will copy that post to Bluesky. It will include links and truncate if necessary to fit within Bluesky.

Every platform is different, so our support for Bluesky also doesn’t exactly match other services. Keep in mind the following limitations:

  • Micro.blog will truncate longer blog posts to 300 characters and add a link back to your blog post.
  • Micro.blog scales photos down because of early limits in the Bluesky API. The resolution on Bluesky will be lower than what is on your blog, and we’ll continue to tweak this going forward.

If you don’t want a particular blog post to be cross-posted to Bluesky, on the web when writing the post click “…” → Show Cross-posting. There you can uncheck Bluesky.

For blig posts that have not been automatically copied to Bluesky, you can manually post them later by clicking Posts, then select Bluesky from the “Cross-post…” button.


Bluesky uses domain names as user account handles, either a custom domain name or a subdomain in the form username.bsky.social. To follow one of these users in Micro.blog, search for the domain or subdomain in Discover.

Some Bluesky users may be using the same domain name for their Bluesky account and their blog. When you follow one of these users, you’ll see a mix of both their Bluesky posts and their blog posts. Note that there may be a delay before the latest posts are available in Micro.blog.


With cross-posting enabled, Micro.blog will also check Bluesky for any replies to your blog posts. These replies will show up in the Mentions section in Micro.blog just like other replies from Micro.blog or Mastodon.

If you see a mention from a Bluesky user, you can reply to it directly within Micro.blog. Micro.blog will copy your reply back to Bluesky just like it cross-posts your blog posts.

Micro.blog also supports Bridgy mentions from Bluesky. Because it’s similar functionality, there’s no need to enable Bridgy unless you need it to support other blogging platforms outside of Micro.blog.

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