ℹ️ Audio narration

About audio narration

You can upload an MP3 audio file when writing a new blog post on the web. If it’s a podcast episode, Micro.blog will include an audio player in the web page and also generate a transcript of the episode (if the global AI setting on your account is enabled).

If the audio file appears to be a narrated version for the blog post, Micro.blog hides the audio player and transcript link. Instead, Micro.blog includes a smaller play button and “Listen” link at the top of the post. In the Alpine theme, it looks like this:


The following themes currently support this feature:

  • Default
  • Marfa
  • Alpine
  • Primrose
  • Tiny
  • Cards

For more background on why we built this feature, see Manton’s blog post.


The play button is powered by a JavaScript include called Narration.js. You can paste the following JavaScript snippet anywhere in a blog post template to add the play button:

{{ with .Params.audio }}
  <script type="text/javascript" src="https://micro.blog/narration.js?url={{ . }}"></script>
{{ end }}

Podcast feed

For Micro.blog Premium subscribers, Micro.blog generates a podcast RSS feed /podcast.xml for any post that includes audio. The podcast feed includes both podcast episodes and audio narration posts.

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