Atom feed cut off in timeline

I’ve added my Atom feed under Feeds so that anyone following me can also see these status posts. However, I’ve noticed the posts cut off at 50 characters, often cutting off in the middle of a word.

Is there a way to fix this so it doesn’t cut off at 50 characters, or is this the default way of handling feeds?

Examples here: - @cygnoir

There’s a set of timeline display rules that follows. Your Atom feed is affected by “all the rest rule”. :blush:

For any other kind of post with a title, the title is shown in the timeline with a link back to the full post on your web site. displays your domain name when it needs to append a link to your post.

Here are two potential fixes and one workaround.

  • Ask to tweak the Atom feed to comply with the rules.
  • Ask @manton to change the display rules.
  • Work around the problem by creating an alternative feed that complies with the rules. If you’re not comfortable scripting, no-code tools like Zapier are an alternative.

I recommend the first option “Ask to tweak the Atom feed”…’s rules are designed to encourage interoperability with lots of microblogging services. The biggest part of this is to not use title fields when there is no title. In, they are adding the username at the beginning, which is redundant, and they are truncating the content, which is unnecessary. Removing the title field or leaving it blank would solve both these problems.

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