Apple Podcast copyright requirements

I was browsing Apple’s Podcast Connect page for podcast creators, and see that it has a “!” against a Copyright field. The associated comment says,

This field is required, enter it in your RSS.

I have no idea how to do this. Can anyone help?

Thank you,

That field never used to be required (and still isn’t according to Apple’s documentation)… If Apple is going to start requiring it, I’ll add it to the default RSS feed.

In the meantime, it is possible to customize the podcast.xml RSS feed by making a custom theme that just overrides that one file. I’m still waiting to get access to the new Podcasts Connect, so when it’s available I’ll test this some more.

Thank you, Manton. I don’t know how to customize the podcast.xml RSS feed, so for now I’ll wait for you to add it to the default RSS feed (if that becomes necessary).

I notice that you say that you are waiting to get access to the new Podcasts Connect. Is Apple updating their Podcasts Connect page? I have felt a little confused with Podcasts Connect since the Springload event, with the need to tick a check box if one wants your podcast feed to be public, ie viewable to third party apps.

I finally have access to Podcasts Connect again. Apple has been updating everything to support their new paid subscriptions, and I think there are some bugs or rough edges while they make the transition. Many people found their podcast feed no longer available to other podcast apps, but when I checked my podcasts, they were fine. It’s possible that was a bug that has been corrected by Apple.

I looked into the copyright field issue some more and I’m updating all the default podcast feeds to include it. That update will roll out over the next day or so. This is the Hugo code I’m using, which will include the current year and the name you have for “Podcast author” in your settings.

<copyright>Copyright {{ .Date.Format "2006" }} {{ .Site.Params.itunes_author | htmlEscape }}</copyright>

Thank you for the update, Manton, and for handling the copyright field.

I was curious why you were unable to gain access to Podcast Connect - do you think that it was part of the bugs and rough edges that you speak about? I have had no problem accessing Podcast Connect, but I did have the problem with my feed no longer being available to other podcast apps (I corrected that my checking the relevant box).

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I’m sure the problem accessing my account was bugs in the new Podcasts Connect. After a few days, I contacted Apple support and they said “engineers are working on it”. I’ve found a few rough edges in the interface, so my guess is they had to ship a little before they were ready because of the paid subscriptions launch.

Since I last wrote, my podcast now appears to have dropped off of podcast searches. I cannot see it while searching in Apple’s Podcast app (iOS & OS) or Overcast (Behind The Thoughts Podcast). It’s still there, but just not showing up in searches. I can still access Podcasts Connect and I have ticked the box for the podcast to be found in third party apps. Errors occur if I try to change and save any data. The copyright field still has an exclamation mark next to it.

I’m guessing that all of this is due to Apple’s changes, but I really don’t know? :man_shrugging:

An update on my last post, updates to my podcast are not showing up on Apple Podcasts. I posted a new episode earlier today, and it is not registering with Apple Podcasts.

I looked at your podcast feed and I’m not seeing any problems that would cause this. The only thing that stands out is that we are using the “subtitle” field without limiting the length, but that’s not a new change and seems unlikely to be a problem. I’m looking into whether we should improve this, though.

The new “copyright” field is there in your feed. It seems like Apple has not checked your feed again, but I don’t think there’s a way to force this to happen.

The fact that there are errors when you try to save any changes in Podcasts Connect makes me think this is a problem on Apple’s side. Maybe try to contact Apple support if this still hasn’t resolved?

I’m sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you for checking out my podcast feed. As of now the podcast is showing up in searches, and so I assume (as you had done) that it was Apple smoothing out some rough edges from the changes to the podcast platform.

If I record on Wavelength, is it possible to let it live on Apple Podcast with just an RSS feed? I’m really new to podcasting. Please help. Thanks.

I record my Podcast using Wavelength. Manton has set up so that all the relevant information, including RSS feed, is sent to Apple Podcasts. The info about the podcast for Apple Podcasts is pulled from the About part of your account. If anything here is not clear, please let me know. My presentation is the ‘non-tech’ version!

@mikiejones Yep, @crossingthethreshold is correct. The main thing to remember is that you need somewhere to host your podcast and that role is fulfilled by

Here is a guide for adding your podcast to Apple, though I haven’t tried following the instructions myself. When they mention a “host”, in this instance, that means Once you have filled in the podcast settings ( → Account → Design) and you have used Wavelength to post your first episode, you’ll be ready to definitively add the podcast to Apple.