Apple Music - iFrame

So when I share a song from Apple Music to my blog, it shows up on my blog properly, it crossposts to Twitter properly, but the page itself doesn’t show the album/song info I’m sharing.

Is there something I should be doing?

The iframe element is not allowed on the timeline. My guess is it’s a security measure. Inline frames can contain anything and could possibly be abusive or annoying towards the people reading the timeline.

A tiny subset of HTML elements is allowed, though. Those are documented at Timeline display rules.

What @sod said is exactly right. For some types of embeds (like YouTube) we do show the URL in the timeline, but usually an iframe is stripped out. I can look at doing something similar for Apple Music in the future.

It does offer me to share with a link that I actually haven’t tried, I figured it wouldn’t show album are and stuff. I can try.

So, yeah the link works of course. I guess I would have to manually add cover art and album info.