API overview

Micro.blog supports multiple APIs. Each section below serves a different purpose. You can use one or more of these APIs.

Choose the most standard API for what you need to accomplish. For example, if you only need to post to a Micro.blog-hosted blog, use Micropub instead of the custom JSON API. This will make it easier for you to support more platforms.

Feeds — Working with RSS and related formats.

Posting — Micropub API and Blogger XML-RPC API.

JSON — Micro.blog’s custom API for working with timelines and users.

IndieWeb — Formats and protocols from the IndieWebCamp.

Sidebar.js — JavaScript include to add a microblog into your main site.

@manton All the links in this post seem to not work anymore.

The JSON and Sidebar.js links are broken but the other three work for me.

I’ve fixed these broken links now. Thanks y’all!

The links for Feeds, Posting and IndieWeb are now broken? JSON and Sidebar.js are working for me…

Oddly enough it’s the opposite for me. JSON and Sidebar.js still don’t work for me but the other three are fine. :thinking:

I’ve fixed these links now. Thanks!

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I’m using Brave browser on MacOS and when I click these links, I go to the old “/2017” URLs that now result in a 404. BUT when I manually refresh those URLs, the redirect kicks in and I get taken to the new, correct page. Maybe a server thing?

Yeah, maybe some kind of caching of the old URLs. Discourse is handling the redirects and I’ve noticed a little inconsistency with it too.

It looks like the Feeds and Posting links are broken.

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The Posting and Feeds links are still broken for me.