Allowing readers without a account to comment on posts?

Hi - I was wondering what the best approach is (if any) for hosted blogs if one wishes to let even people who don’t have a account to comment on their post.

Is the main option to use a third-party service like Disqus as detailed here? with the knowledge that then none of the replies using that service will end up in the conversation.

Thanks to the “display conversations on page” option and the cool Conversation on plugin I can see how to make it easy for users to comment on posts - but wondering if there are options if you want to also allow users who don’t have account to talk? Obviously at one’s own risk…it may be a terrible idea for most people :slight_smile:

I think your best bet would be Disqus or similar. The other option would be to use something like to accept web mentions from other sites.

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To give some more context for where we are going to go with commenting… The plan is to expand Conversation.js (which is enabled with a checkbox and shows replies to your post from and around the web) to add a reply form. If someone is already signed in with, they will be able to reply directly. If someone doesn’t have a account, they may be able to sign in with their own blog.

We don’t plan to enable anonymous comments, so if you want that it’s best to go with external options like Disqus.

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Cusdis is an alternative to Disqus. I’m testing it with and it fits in well.

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This would be a great addition to Conversations.js. In addition to Indieauth (sign-in with blog), a simple email/name form would be good too. Not sure if that’s in your plan though.

Simple email/name form isn’t in the plan for now, because I’m not sure how it would fit with the timeline, and it would be easier for people to add spam comments.


Is there a way - or could this be added - to link to the cross-posted tweet for additional replies? Not necessarily embed the tweets on the page, but at least link so anyone with a twitter account could see / reply there?