Additional Feeds for timeline

I was exploring this RSS help page on the feeds available on, and in addition to the ones offered (, I think it would help to have a few more options

  1. Friends’ posts for what the specified user sees in their timeline WITHOUT replies
  2. Friends’ posts for what the specified user sees in their timeline ONLY replies for mutuals
  3. Friends’ posts for what the specified user sees in their timeline ONLY replies to everyone

cc: @Denny


Tagging @sod since he might be able to suggest if this is do-able without official help from just like he did for his experimental feeds (love them).

Well, in the digital realm, few things are impossible. :blush: Number one should be easy enough in any feed reader that has support for filtering feed items. In Feedbin, for example, you could set up an action that marks items containing @ (most likely a reply) as read automatically.

Two is trickier, as who you follow is not public information (one has to be signed in to fetch that list). If a third-party developer were to implement this, she would have to make authenticated requests to Not rocket science by any stretch, but more involved than my relatively simple rewriting proxy, operating only on public feeds.

If I understand number three correctly, it’s the inverse of number one. In that case, that should also be achievable in feed readers with support for filters/actions.

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It would be awesome if could make the first one possible. It’s kind of the ‘first thing in the morning’ type of feed. The next two are simply the conversation views and kinda next in line to check. Unfortunately, I don’t use Feedbin, but am using NNW for now. I’ve to check if it has something like that.

I don’t think NetNewsWire has that, unfortunately. :cry: If you don’t want to switch feed reader, you could transform the feed instead with a tool like siftrss. This is probably what you want for implementing number one:

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Holy shit! I think that worked. Thanks a lot for the link. I just hope no one tags anyone in the body of their post or at least in the first 300 chars :smiling_face:

Yep, that’s an edge case where you would miss a post that’s not a reply. The same thing goes if someone shares an email address, ASCII art, code snippet, etc. containing @. It should be pretty rare, though.

siftrss supports regular expressions, so if that’s your jam, you could identify replies by looking at the link URL. Replies have URLs looking like this: But I would say the extra hassle isn’t really worth it. :blush:

Using your link, I was able to get the two feeds working:

Minor quibble are not seeing their profile pictures.

Also, possible to add your two links in the experimental feed in the sans Replies feed? Coz clicking on the links takes me to their blog and not the timeline to respond.