Pricing paid plans. offers a balanced approach to blog hosting with the flexibility to let host a blog for you and handle everything, so that microblogging is as simple and approachable as possible, or bring your own existing blog and customize it.

Here’s how the plans work. You can add one or more cross-posting bots, or create multiple microblogs for different topics or businesses.

Basics: free

  • Your own username.
  • Replies to other posts, stored on
  • Add an external blog such as WordPress for posting.
  • Use the iOS and Mac apps to browse the timeline or post to supported external blogs.
  • No blog.
  • No page at

Hosted microblog: $5/month

  • All the basics.
  • All the cross-posting features for your hosted site.
  • Hosted microblog at
  • Easy posting from the web, iOS, and Mac apps.
  • Photo upload and storage at your own domain name.
  • Custom themes and CSS.
  • Map your own personal domain name to your microblog.
  • SSL for your custom domain.
  • WordPress import including redirecting previous URLs.
  • Mirror your microblog to GitHub Pages.

Hosted microblog + hosted microcasts: $10/month

  • All the hosted microblog features.
  • Hosting for microcasts, i.e. short podcasts.
  • Audio file size limited to 25 MB.

Cross-posting: $2/month

  • All the basics.
  • Cross-posting to Twitter and Medium from any RSS or JSON feed.
  • Supports long or short posts, with a link back to your site if necessary.
  • Smart truncation when sending a tweet so that words aren’t split in half.
  • Automatically extract the first link in your post and appends it to your tweet.
  • Automatically downloads up to 4 photos referenced in your post to attach directly to your tweet.
  • No blog.
  • No page at

Thanks for supporting!