Your hosted blog has expired

I see a red message across my account pages saying “Your hosted blog has expired.” Yet, on my account page, it shows I’m good until October 2024.

Is there something wrong with my account?

I had created a new blog account (and recently deleted it) before the premium plan included multiple blogs. Perhaps that has something to do with it?

Glitch. I had this too, emailed support, and fixed for me

I’m getting this too on (only) one of the extra blogs I enabled when that functionality became available for premium subscribers.

Can you fix for me too please? (I sent an email to support yesterday and haven’t heard anything back).

Should be fixed now, sorry! Still trying to figure out why this happened, but shouldn’t happen again now that it’s fixed for these accounts.

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I’m getting this message too, as of yesterday. Also on an extra blog.

Fixed your account too! This appears to have happened for any yearly subscription with multiple blogs before I fixed the root issue last month. I’m going to try to go back and batch fix everyone so this doesn’t pop up again for new people.

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