Writing locally and pushing to Micro.blog

I’d like to write in markdown, in a local folder that I can sync with a git repository (for backup and portability). Is there a tool I can use locally to push that markdown to my micro.blog account? I see there’s an API but is there a command line tool?

There’s not an official Micro.blog command-line tool, but tools written for the Micropub API will also work with Micro.blog. One I noticed recently is this:

However, to be honest I tried setting it up and ran into a couple problems that I didn’t have time to work through. Might take some fiddling but I expect it would work.

If you are a little more adventurous, Micropub is simple enough that you can actually post files using the curl command-line tool. For example, I wrote a script to import MP3s and create posts:

Let us know if you run into any problems and I can provide some more tips. Having a command-line version installed alongside the Mac app would be useful and we can explore that in the future.

This is super helpful! Thank you, I’m going to look into using Micropub.

I’m not sure what platform you’re on, but I write a lot of my posts in iAWriter in Markdown which just has a folder. It’d be easy to sync that to Github, but I do love not having to use GH as part of the actual publishing flow.

Also, you can export your entire blog with all of your posts as markdown text files from Micro.blog, which is part of why I really don’t worry about this. You can also sync your site to GH.

I’ve just found this micro.blog publishing plug-in in Obsidian notes and I’m giving that a shot, as I do use Obsidian for much of my writing.

I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for, or if it even works anymore, but a few years ago Rico Førgaard made speck.

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Great, the Obsidian plug-in is pretty new and I know people are using it. Hope it works for you.

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