Wordpress as microblog: show excerpt instead of "(no title)" in posts view

(This is really a Wordpress question, so my apologies if it’s inappropriate for this forum; I’ve also asked on the WP Dev StackExchange site with no response so far.)

I am using WP (currently v6.5.3) for posting via jsonfeed to my micro.blog and then cross-posting to Mastodon/Bluesky (and occasionally manually posting the items to X or Threads).

As such, my posts rarely have titles, which makes it very hard to navigate the WP “posts” admin screen. Is there any way to show a brief excerpt instead?

There might be the odd WordPress expert lurking around here, but you probably have a better chance of finding one over at the WordPress forums.

This kind of thing is why I left Wordpress for Micro.blog. Using Wordpress for Micro.blog was too much work.

Wordpress is great for building a website, particularly a business website, but I don’t want to build a website. I just want to blog and microblog.

Someone wrote a WordPress plugin that automatically shows some of the text in the title in WP Admin, but it has been a few years and I haven’t been able to find it while looking again just now.

Your question bothered me because your experience with WP does not match my memory of using Wordpress. I used that platform until Nov. 2022, when I switched to micro.blog.

So I navigated to Wordpress.com, clicked the “Posts” link in the left nav column. And I see this:

As you can see, the first paragraph or so of each post is invisible in the “posts” admin screen. The posts here have titles, but if they did not, you’d see the word “Untitled” in the title space.

Is this not what you’re seeing?

And I promise this is the last time I’ll say this because I don’t want to be annoying: Stuff like this is why I left Wordpress. Using Wordpress for microblogging or any other type of fast, casual blogging is death by a million paper cuts. Wordpress is a corporate/business platform, meant for careful deliberation and building websites.

I went to Micro.blog and I’m happy with this platform. There are several other platforms designed specifically for blogging that I expect a person would be just as happy using.