Wordle and poetry in Markdown

Quick tip about formatting because I see this problem often: in Markdown, you separate multiple paragraphs with a blank line. When you just want a line break, you need to add 2 spaces at the end of each line. Otherwise it will wrap text such as poems or Wordle solutions together on a single line.

I’ve considered changing this behavior for Micro.blog, but I think any deviation from Markdown will create other problems, especially for full-length blog posts. The more exceptions we introduce, the more complicated it is to explain or understand when you hit edge cases.

Here’s a link to the official Markdown specification about how paragraphs and new lines are handled: Daring Fireball: Markdown Syntax Documentation


Do you have a tip for adding two spaces without getting the automatic period when typing on iOS? When testing this, the best I could come up with is to add 3 spaces and then reposition the cursor to delete the period.

If you type the 2 spaces very slowly it won’t trigger the automatic period. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha. Zen and the Art of Making Space