Why is spellchecker disabled

When I create a new post, the spellchecker in the bowser does not work. I looked a little deeper at the HTML for the page and the DIV has its spellcheker element property turned off.

Any idea why?

This reply by @manton is from 2018, so there might be another reason now. :blush:

Micro.blog on the web uses a custom text box for Markdown highlighting which prevents spell-check from working. Still evaluating options to replace or disable it.

It should be solvable, though.

On the topic of spellchecking, if you’re concerned about privacy and security, here’s an article worth reading: Chrome & Edge Enhanced Spellcheck Features Expose [Personally Identifiable Information], Even Your Passwords.

Luckily for me, Grammarly for Mac works within the text box.

2018! Wow, that doesn’t give me much hope that it will be solved if it’s been around for 4 years.

Markdown is designed to be human readable, while adding formatting, so no reason that spell check would not work.

After that post 4 years ago, I did roll out a completely new text box on the web that does support spell check. But it just doesn’t spell check automatically as you type. Instead you can choose the browser’s spell check and it will highlight words… In Safari for example this is under Edit → Spelling, or type command-;.