Why doesn't image show up in "Discover"?

I wrote my first post (in Ulysses) and published it, and it showed up fine here: Eric Johnson - 🌱 Vegetable Plot with Electric Fence

But when I look in the “Discover” section, it appears like this, with just a link and no image:

Why doesn’t the image appear in the list, like it does for the other posts? Is this just temporary while the DNS is getting sorted out? (I saw something about that in the help topic for when you change to your own domain name.) Or did I do something wrong in how I posted?

A post with a title will appear on the timeline with just the title and link to the full post. This is true on all Micro.blog timelines (such as Micro.blog - @bramblecottage). The timeline will display a short (< 280 character) post that has no title and include a photo if there is one. If the post runs longer, it will be truncated and the photo won’t appear in the timeline. If the post has a title, only the title will appear.

If you remove the title, or incorporate it into the text using < 280 characters, the text and photo will appear in the gardening category.

PS Welcome to Micro.blog!

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