Which themes work for which Hugo version?

Is there a list somewhere which tells me what version of Hugo the different themes work with? I played around a bit yesterday and it seem like some of them doesn’t like v0.91, some doesn’t like plugins, etc.

No, unfortunately, I don’t think there is such a list. You could go through the list of themes on GitHub and manually look for commit messages like Fixed home page for newer versions of Hugo. But it’s a chore, and that list does not include third-party themes.

Version 0.91 is still highly experimental on the Micro.blog platform, and @manton does not recommend updating yet:

I don’t recommend updating unless you are working on a theme or plug-in that needs a specific feature from newer versions of Hugo.

Manton Reece - Moving to new Hugo

@manton Maybe the warning against updating would work well if it was also in settings (plug-ins listing + Design tab)?