What is Link Archiving and Does It Work?

I posted a story with a bunch of external links and saw suggestions to replace them with archived links. Seemed like a great idea.

But this is how they actually look, there’s no content inside.


Here’s the actual link:

Is this supposed to work? And how?

Sorry about the blank page. The feature does work but there are some web pages that don’t get archived correctly. There may be something unique about that page that is preventing Micro.blog from saving it.

We should update it to not show the archive links if they couldn’t be saved. I’ll look into whether there’s a fix for that specific page.

If you go back to other archives from older posts, do those links work?

This is my first time seeing such prompts, so I wanted to post about this. I wasn’t sure if this was maybe the Premium feature that was displayed for some reason.

Checked a few of my older posts, none of them had this processing for links as well.

I think this is extremely useful, especially in this case (as companies often delete pages with “outdated” products). Just wanted to make sure it’s supposed to work at all for me :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s a Premium feature. We only start including the archive links after upgrading, so that may be why older posts don’t have it yet.

This video I posted to YouTube has more details about how the feature is supposed to work and why: Micro.blog link archiving - YouTube

Well, I’m on the Basic paid plan, actually :slight_smile:

Oh! Perhaps this is a bug where the feature is partially revealed for non-Premium subscribers. Sorry, I’ll look into this.

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No worries, this makes sense now.

Aha! I have also come across this bug. Thought I was failing to understand the feature set.

Hello! Wanted to also add to this and share that I’m also encountering this issue. From what I understand, this shouldn’t show up for non-Premium subscribers, right?

Correct, part of the link archiving feature was accidentally enabled to non-Premium subscribers, but not everything so it looks confusing. I’ll be fixing this. (Separately, there are some web pages that don’t allow archiving and so those show up blank sometimes.)