What happens to domain name after deleting website

A podcast that I host on Micro.blog I am closing down, archiving the posts on my main website.

The domain for the podcast I bought through Micro.blog. I have two questions for when I delete the website:

  1. I bought the domain for the website through Micro.blog. Do I still own that after deleting the site, or will I be able to still use it?
  2. If I delete the site before the end of the current billing period for the site, how am I refunded the remaining amount for the year (I pay yearly).

Thank you,

  1. Yes, the domain registration is independent of the hosted blog or podcast. As long as the domain is set to auto-renew it will continue to be available to use later or transfer outside of Micro.blog.
  2. If you email help I can transfer the unused time as a credit to your other blog.

Thank you Manton. I’ll be in touch when I have transferred what I want from my podcast site to my main blog.