What happens here

Everytime I publish a post starts a new adventure:

Today is a long publishing time: 5 or more minutes between the log says its published until it is visible on my iPad.

Next level of excitement: The post is visible on my iPad but not on my smartphone.

Third level: Cross-Posting doesn’t work at all. Whether cross-posting to Mastodon nor to Twitter.

Again my question: is this a production-ready system? I am working since last weekend and nothing - really nothing - is worked out of the box.

When you say “5 or more minutes between the log says its published until it is visible on my iPad”, what do you mean? That it takes 5 minutes before the post shows up on your blog (https://altair5194.micro.blog/2023/05/07/christian-heidorn-der.html) or on the Micro.blog timeline (https://micro.blog/Altair5194/18929287)?

When you say it shows up on iPad but not on smartphone, again, what are you looking at? Timeline or blog? App or web app?

Cross-posting is tied to the timeline. If you have cross-posting set up correctly, and you see the post on your timeline, it should cross-post. If not, contact help@micro.blog and @manton will help you resolve the issue.

I would say Micro.blog is production-ready but, as all software, it’s not free from bugs or service disruptions. And given that Micro.blog is more or less a one-man show (Manton + some help from Vincent) when it comes to keeping the service running, it’s good to adjust one’s expectations after that.

I mean the first one. 5 minutes before the post shows up on my blog. I am looking only on my blog. Not on the timeline.

And for now the last post is not more visible. Try to update it, rebuild the blog. Nothing helps. On my site there should be 3 posts but only 2 are visible. It seems that the whole blog is broken.

Is your blog large? Is there anything in the logs that may hint at that? As Manton has written elsewhere, I have noticed some delays on the cross posting queue, but I’m sure that’ll be tracked down. Other than that, been using Micro.blog for years for all these uses and it’s been very reliable. My posts are showing up pretty quick on my blog this morning. Cross posting is working, though it appears to be taking a few minutes. This is a crosspost that was just one minute behind my post:

No, I have only 3 posts there. The logs haven’t any hints for problems.

OMG…found the issue. Under Design the custom domain name was not set. So the half of my blog uses *.micro.blog the other my custom domain name. But I cannot see any post on the timeline. Is there issues with custom domain names and the timeline?

Sometimes the URL to the feed powering the timeline won’t get updated automatically to your custom domain name. Double check by navigating to Account → Edit Feeds & Cross-posting and make sure the feed (or feeds) listed there have the domain you’re expecting.

Yes all is setup correctly. Additional the uploaded photos will not shown. And this is what I don’t understand. In the posts the photos available, but not on the photos page. And I have no idea, what could be wrong.

Are you referring to Micro.blog’s special custom photo page on your blog or are you talking about the media viewer in the Micro.blog application itself? Can you provide some screenshots? It would help a lot to have a deeper understanding of what you see and what you’d expect.

The Micro.blog special photos page has to be named photos and will only show photos with a .jpeg extension, if I recall.

Also, it’ll only show photos in posts, not every photo you upload to Micro.blog. Your photos page shows the only photo you’ve put in a post-- it’s not a page that is made up of every photo you’ve uploaded as media that can be used in posts.

After some research and merging @manton plugin into my template it works now. I don’t understand why only jpgs are visible. PNGs are not so unusable and can be used if you change

.Site.Pages ".Params.photos"


.Site.Pages ".Params.images"

But now it works.

The rational is that jpg is the more common format for photography, where as PNG is used primarily for posting screenshots. Since this collects whatever is posted to your site, many people do not want screenshots on their photography page.