What exactly is the behavior difference between "Add" vs "Import" posts

It’s not clear to be exactly what specific behaviors are different between the two options for a Feed URL:

  • Add posts to Micro.blog timeline
  • Import posts to blog: URL OF BLOG

Is there some documentation or a thread I’m missing?

Importing posts will have them show up on your post page, show up on your hosted blog, but not post to your timeline in Micro.blog itself. This is because some people want to “collect” the information from an RSS feed on their personal hosted site, but the source may be noisy or inappropriate for the timeline. An example of this may be a collection of bookmarked pages from Pinboard or Statuses from status.lol.

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I am almost certain that, when you import them to your blog, and your blog is posting to the timeline, all the posts will show up on the timeline.

I’m using this with one of the examples you mention (status.lol), and the posts show up on my hosted blog, on the timeline, and everywhere I’m syndicating them to.

On the other hand, if you just add the feed, it will show up on the timeline, but not on your hosted blog.