Webp Support?

Does Microblog support the webp format? The format is supported by all modern browsers, but when I upload I either get an “Internal Server Error” message or a placeholder instead of an image.

I just decided to test this for you. I used my one surefire upload method (the web client upload page) to upload this webp file:

which appears to have been successfully uploaded, but converted to a jpg image:

Update: sometimes you can get at the “placeholder” location by getting it to open up from the uploads page. There are times when I have hunted this location down and successfully included a resource in a post even when the copy html isn’t functional or the box looks empty.

Micro.blog doesn’t support WebP. As @Moondeer discovered, Micro.blog will often try to convert to JPEG. (Thanks for testing that!) I’ll fix that to let WebP be uploaded, although there may be other parts of Micro.blog that assume JPEG, such as the Photos page.

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jpeg2000 isn’t supported either.

Apple added support for WebP to iOS and iPad OS and macOS only recently (September 2020) with Safari 14. Anyone running Safari 13 and earlier will not be able to view WebP images. Years after Google created WebP, the most compatible image format on the web is still JPEG.

FYI. Very few of the major content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, etc) have native support for WebP.