Webmentions not working

See my original request here:


I think there are a couple of things going on here. The first thing I noticed is that there were a couple Webmention requests with a blank target parameter. Micro.blog “accepts” those but they are immediately ignored because the parameter is missing. However, I copy/pasted your curl command and it did send the target through correctly.

There’s another issue, though. Replies from Webmentions need to have a u-in-reply-to class on the link back to Micro.blog so that it knows it’s a reply to the post. So where you have:

<a href="https://micro.blog/Denny/21869905">micro.blog</a>

It should look like this:

<a href="https://micro.blog/Denny/21869905" class="u-in-reply-to">micro.blog</a>

I’ll update the documentation to make this more clear. Thanks!

I suspected that the missing class=“u-in-reply-to” was the culprit.

Thanks for tackling this @manton . I’m a big proponent of IndieWeb technologies.

I’m wondering if crossposting should have a check mark/option to enable the addition of a “source URL” or similar, so that even micro posts that are cross-posted become “eligible” for webmentions?

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That would require the platform it’s cross posted to storing that info and then sending web mentions when someone replies to the copy of that post, wouldn’t it?

Maybe? I was thinking about how bridgy only works on long posts (because the URL comes across).

Bridgy requires that link to be in the content-- having some meta data sent to Mastodon/Bluesky/Pixelfed/whatever won’t work if that platform can’t store it and Bridgy can’t access it.

Ahh I see. To clarify: I was not thinking metadata, but end of the post like:

from: [url]

or something like that.

I think a lot of folks would be mad about that because it would dramatically reduce your character count on the cross post for a feature that is not super common.

My understanding is that all Webmentions require a source and target. In any case, the issue here is broken Webmention processing on micro.blog. External Webmention replies to micro.blog comments has worked in the past.