Cross-site replies.

When replying to a post, Micro.blog will attempt to send a Webmention to that post. This allows the other site to include the reply alongside the original post.

Hosted blogs on Micro.blog can also receive Webmentions from other sites outside of Micro.blog. If the site URL has been verified in a Micro.blog user’s profile, Micro.blog can also match the incoming Webmention with a Micro.blog user and use their username. If not, Micro.blog will create a special “domain name” user for the incoming Webmention.

Micro.blog assumes 1 user = 1 blog. Multi-user services like Brid.gy which forward tweets via Webmention do not work with Micro.blog because Twitter users all share a single twitter.com domain name.

To show Micro.blog replies (including Webmentions) on your Micro.blog-hosted blog, you can enable Conversation.js.

See this help page for more about how replies are processed on Micro.blog.

Referred to a post today, and the blog (using webmention.io) didn’t get anything. Any thoughts on where we would go to debug this?

Finally came across something interesting via the IndieWeb ring and I was interested in sending the site a webmention. Is there a recommended way to achieve this? I already enabled the conversation stuff but this would seem to be an entirely separate use case.

How does one verify their site on their profile? I have my site listed in my profile but my self hosted replies are not matching to my micro.blog username (url: https://timculverhouse.com)

EDIT: I found it here!

@tculverhouse rate the indie web ring you’re in, though first person it linked to didn’t seem to put a webring button at all prominently on this page! Not sure if same one as @Moondeer in.


Would I be eligible (via IndieAuth) from my Hosted Microblog blog.w4rner.com to join?

That doesn’t seem to work for me. I receive webmentions from every other site, but don’t get them from micro.blog when someone replies to my posts. :thinking:

I looked into this and it appears to be because of the relative path for your Webmention endpoint. Those are usually absolute URLs and Micro.blog doesn’t like the relative path. The spec does allow that, so I can fix it.

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That would be great! Just started to debug it on my site. But of course, I can make the path absolute as well.

If you want to make it absolute, I expect that’ll fix it in the short term. I’ll have a fix for relative paths on the Micro.blog side ready in the next day or so, too. Thanks!

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If I customized my footer does it mess up conversation.js displaying webmentions?

@manton So I started getting iOS notifications (I think as a result of playing around with Bridgy) that clearly indicate some form of webmention is being picked up …

The question becomes, how might I access these (they do not show up in mentions) as they must be accessible to be pushed into notifications?

My other webmention question concerns my attempts to utilize webmention.io to take full stock of what I might be able to do with webmentions. Thus far it hasn’t shown a single webmention reception so I’m assuming the service conflicts with the existing webmention handling. All I want is a bit of transparency into this whole webmention business. A pair of interesting posts have me wanting to tinker but the Micro.blog webmentions implementation is currently a black box to me.

A pair of interesting posts regarding webmentions and Hugo