Webmention - mentioning an external blog post not on m.b

Hi, looking at :information_source: Replies and @-mentions - Documentation - Micro.blog Help Center, the link in the second bullet is broken FYI.

I saw this somewhere but now I cannot find it:
I’m trying to figure out the syntax for mentioning an external non-micro.blog blog post so that a webmention is sent.

I think I saw that you use something like @example.com but what if you’re trying to mention a specific post. Would that be @example.com/path/to/the/post.html or something?

Appreciate any help, thanks.

You add the class “u-in-reply-to” to the link in-reply-to - IndieWeb

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thank you @jsonbecker , I’ll give that a try!

Did it work? @jsonbecker the links mentioned above also have incorrect information.